PPXVII - Rollepaal main sponsor


This year the XVIIth Plastic Pipes Conference will take place in Chicago from 22-24 September. Rollepaal will act as main corporate sponsor at this event. Besides being present as main sponsor our CEO Rob Spekreijse will also give a number of presentations, covering the latest developments in pipe extrusion and RBlue technology for producing O-PVC.

Rollepaal connects with the Plastic Pipe Conference through Cost Saving Solutions for safe cost effective and sustainable use. These innovations are brought to maturity in close cooperation with our customers, who are rewarded for their efforts though advantageous conditions and being the first in market using the new technology. Some of our Cost Saving Solutions are the RBlue technology for producing OPVC pipe, RMD multilayer die head for multi viscosity applications, and RDA Direct addition of Calcium Carbonate in PVC extrusion lines.

We are proud sponsors of the Plastic Pipe Conference and are looking forward to contribute in promoting plastic pipe systems altogether.