Donation Hospice Dedemsvaart

Hospice Dedemsvaart

This morning a cheque was handed over to the foundation Hospice Dedemsvaart by the manager of Romit B.V. This symbolical cheque was a donation from Rollepaal B.V. to the Hospice. Every year Rollepaal B.V. choses a good cause together with their employees. This cause preferably will be a regional cause. Since a few years now Rollepaal no longer sends Christmas cards by mail to their worldwide relations but the seasonís wishes are being spread by a digital version. The money that used to be spent on cards will now be donated to a good cause. This year the employees chose the Hospice Dedemsvaart. Foundation Hospice Dedemsvaart helps terminal sick people in their last stage of life. When these people canít live at home anymore the Hospice Dedemsvaart offers an alternative where family and friends can care for their loved ones together with professional help. The Hospice ensures a relaxing atmosphere where they can give each other the attention they need.