Rollepaal introduces new control system for cooling units

control system for cooling units

State of the art cooling techniques

Rollepaal is constantly innovating their products to offer the latest technologies in the pipe production market. Controlling the production process and keeping the pipe into the required specification is key for pipe producers. Calibrating and cooling the pipe is an important part of getting the pipe into the required specifications.

Therefore Rollepaal introduces a complete new cooling control panel. With this new control panel the cooling tank will be easier to operate. Besides this it can be fully integrated into the Rollepaal Extruder panel and has improved connectivity for Ethernet, CANopen and USB. Together with remote software updates these cooling tanks will always be up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Not only the control panel is new, Rollepaal also added features to the (vacuum) cooling tank itself. Several new options are available, all meant to improve the quality of the pipe and the stability of the cooling conditions even more. The Rollepaal cooling tanks can be equipped with:

- Proportional level and temperature control, resulting in a more stable water level compared to conventional valves.

- Automatic vacuum control, which will keep the actual vacuum at the desired set point.

These options will not only help to improve the production process, but they will also reduce the energy consumption of the line.