Since the foundation for the company was laid in the 1950's, Rollepaal has had an eventful existence.
For many years, Rollepaal was part of Europe's biggest pipe producer. This gave Rollepaal the chance to learn pipe manufacturing technology from the inside out.
Just a few highlights:

Rollepaal Inc.: the company

1955 Starts as Meermans Metaalwaren

1962 Rollepaal becomes part of Europe's biggest pipe producer

1963 First extruder

1985 Rollepaal independent

1991 Opening sales office in USA

1993 ISO 9001 Certification

2001 Take-over mould company Ramix

2001 Wadinko becomes only shareholder

2003 Opening manufacturing facility in India

2008 Take-over Hoppmann

2010 Introduction RBlue technology

2014 Opening service point Indonesia