Multilayer technology

A Multilayer or foam core pipe is lighter than and as stiff as a solid wall pipe with the same diameter.

For this reason, multilayer technology contributes to a lower carbon footprint because the use of raw material is reduced.

About cost saving solutions

Reduction of raw material usage is already achieved in a 'standard' multilayer pipe, where two or more solid wall pipes are telescoping. Savings can be increased by Rollepaal foam core technology, where the middle layer is made even lighter by adding a sandwich cellular core. And, last but not least, multilayer technology gives excellent opportunities for the use of scrap (recycling).

To summarize, multilayer offers a diversity of advantages:
    - cost saving (foam core pipe)
    - Process factory scrap in core layer (recycling), simplifying logistics
    - Process Post Consumer scrap in core layer (recycling) and foam it
    - Maximize CaCO3 content in core layer
    - Thin coating at inside and/or outside (UV resistant or white for camera inspection)
    - Marketing tool (different colour combination)

Rollepaal Multilayer has the perfect skin distribution.
The Rollepaal Multilayer Die heads (RMD) have a revolutionary design for improved performance, based on the principle of symmetrical branching of the melt feed for the layers. Symmetry in melt feed guarantees the best layer distribution, as all the flow lines have equal length. It makes the die independent of melt viscosity, as there is no need for a restrictor gap with different length in circumferential direction for correction. The design features a symmetrical split of short round channels per disc, eliminating leakage. Cleaning, if needed, is easy as the channels have a round shape and short length, and are perfectly accessible.

Fit for production is the key issue for the Rollepaal RMD dies, contributing to a more effective and efficient use of an extrusion line. Therefore the RMD design has furthermore been focused on Double Compression tooling, Modular set up and Quick Tool Change, similar to Rollepaal Solid wall Die heads (RSD).