We at Rollepaal encourage mutual respect and cross collaboration in our corporate culture in order to achieve growth and innovation, and to enhance operational excellence. We have highly motivated employees, who will go the extra mile to satisfy the customer. Rollepaal supports the good works of philanthropic organizations. Each year, Rollepaal contributes to one or more of these organizations.

People - Planet - Profit


We are continuously striving to reduce energy consumption, first of all in our own company. But by improving our products, we also help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint. By minimizing both the power consumption and the use of raw material. One way to do just that is the use of scrap material in a foam core pipe. Our multilayer technology is the ultimate method, without making concessions in terms of quality. Oriented pvc (PVC-O) is the latest development. By stretching a pvc pipe in two directions, the material actually becomes stronger and more capable to resist impacts.


Rollepaal pipe machinery can be found all over the world. We offer advice and service in all countries, through subsidiaries and dedicated agents or directly. Our wide spread presence also keeps us informed about the regulations and specifics everywhere. We continuously use our experiences to improve our products and support our customers even better. With only one goal: we want our customers to make the best pipes possible!